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Monsterous stuff : False teeth to improve your smile

Austin Powers Teeth


Billy Bob Teeth

Billy Bob with Braces

Caveman Teeth

chestplateskull.jpg (49008 bytes)

Mask & Chestplate
chestplatelizard.jpg (53843 bytes)
Mask & Chestplate
chestplateautopsy.jpg (46625 bytes)
Mask & Chestplate
chestplatecorpse.jpg (50670 bytes)
Mask & Chestplate

screamingvamp.jpg (65207 bytes)
Screaming Vampire
Mask with Hair


wizardwonder.jpg (57706 bytes)
Wizard Wonder
Mask with Hair


Troll.jpg (62238 bytes)
Mask with Hair


nightcreature.jpg (59353 bytes)
Night Creature
With NO hair

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